Why Every Girl Needs A Best Friend

Do you remember your days in high school and having a best friend? At some point, one of you abruptly stopped returning calls, stopped inviting the other over, and stopped dropping by for a visit. There was no fight. No one was angry. You just attributed it to growing older and moving forward with your life. We all know that close friends sometimes drift apart. Still, this can cause a sense of sadness that can last for years.

It is a deep desire of every young girl to have a “best friend.” She wants someone who will like her for her, someone she can share dreams and a person who will guard all her secrets. The typical boy can’t do any of that. While the days of sleepovers are long gone, most of us still crave that truly unique female connection. Fundamentally, this is why female friendships have been so revered throughout history. All that said, today, there seems to be a growing rejection of female friendships. Even on television, women with male friends are often portrayed as more emotionally balanced and powerful. How many times have you heard a woman say, “I only have guy friends,” or “I get along better with men”? While friendships with men can be fun, they can never replace the benefits and joys of female friendship. Don’t you agree?

Have you even heard the expression, “It is better to have 4 quarters than 100 pennies”? You can have friends that you go shopping with, get coffee with, and go to the gym with. Nevertheless, having a friend for every occasion and season does not compare to having that one, true friend. Even if you have been burned from a gossiping and disloyal backstabber in the past, the intimacy and connection that comes from a female best friend is invaluable.

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